Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Ideas...

...just won't leave you alone. And that gives me hope.

Some ideas just stick around and echo in your head like sonar, laps of repeating sound or vision or both radiating outward from the initial strike.

I have a lot of ideas like that.

I have just very recently reentered the blogosphere after a few attempts in the past.

This is where I'll share my thoughts on numerous topics...ideas...scattered theories, relevant and irrelevant...musings...shadows...

Thoughts on music, movies, books...politics...sports...lists, stories, anecdotes, essays...

Instead of the bits and scraps of paper in my pocket or notebooks on my closet shelves, my intent is to capture more of those fragments here, capture them in more of a "live" environment, more spontaneously...less preservatives, less polish - less filtered, perhaps a little more raw, maybe even a bit dirty...but cleaner, too.

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